Thematic sessions

Abstracts of presentations are invited on any topic related to Isogeometric Analysis. Some of which will be directed toward thematic sessions. The following is a preliminary list of organized sessions.

IGA for solids and structures: J. Kiendl, R. Sauer, A. Reali, L. De Lorenzis

IGA for thin structures: B. Oesterle, W. Dornisch, R. Wüchner

Fluids and Fluid-Structure Interaction: H. van Brummelen, A. Korobenko, M. Möller

IGA for biomedical applications: S. Morganti, L. Dede, H. Gomez, M-C Hsu

Fast formation and solution techniques for large-scale IGA: V. Calo, A. Mantzaflaris, P. Antolin, M. Tani

Mathematics of IGA: M. Larson, T. Kvamsdal, T. Takacs, G. Sangalli

Trimming, immersed and non-conforming methods: H. Casquero, B. Marussig, E. Rank, T.P. Fries

IGA for optimization problems: J.A. Evans, O. Weeger, S. Schöps, K-U. Bletzinger, S. Elgeti

Industrial applications of IGA: M. Scott, M. Sederberg, Y. Bazilevs

Uncertainty Quantification: L. Tamellini, J. Dölz

Advanced and adaptive spline technologies: R. Vazquez, C. Giannelli, C. Manni, H. Speleers, G. Elber, T. Dokken

New IGA technologies, ROM, AI and digital twins : D. Kamensky, G. Moutsanidis, J. Zhang, K. Ford


In addition, there will be a specific session on IGA software, where you will be able to present your own advanced isogeometric software provided that it offers enough functionalities and could be made available to the community. Commercial or academic (preferably open source) contributions are welcome. This session will take a form similar to a poster session.  

Although we limit submissions to one paper per presenter for regular talks, we allow a second submission for the software session.

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